Caterer Spotlight: Rouge Fine Catering

A “Best of Weddings” Pick by The Knot… Wedding Wire Brides’ Choice Awards in 2012 and 2013 – ROUGE Fine Catering of Hunt Valley has the awards to back up their “exceptional food and unparallelled service,” and the certifications to make your wedding eco-friendly.

The star of ROUGE is Chef Jonathan Soudry, the man behind Poulet in Baltimore and ROUGE Bistro in Hunt Valley, as well as the Executive Chef at Under Armour’s Humble and Hungry Café. Chef Jonathan honed his talents at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Washington, DC, before going on to develop and operate several restaurant concepts of his own in Baltimore and Boston.

He specializes in personalized wedding menus that will bring your culinary vision to life.

Concerned about your wedding’s environmental footprint? ROUGE works with local farms, cooperatives, and dairies, creating sustainable and local menus. ROUGE is certified to work as a Green Caterer with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Irvine Nature Center where rigid standards of practice have been achieved without sacrificing quality, sophistication, or variety

Watch this video to meet Chef Jonathan:

Learn more about this Baltimore Museum of Industry Preferred Caterer at and check ROUGE out on Facebook, featuring plenty of photos of Chef Jonathan with smiling brides at their dream wedding!

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Sky Lanterns Banned in Maryland

By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun
6:23 p.m. EST, February 15, 2013

Maryland’s Fire Marshall has banned sky lanterns, the increasingly popular paper balloons that are sent aloft by the heat of a candle or fuel cell suspended from the bottom.

“They’re made with oiled rice paper and bamboo — it’s almost kindling,” said Deputy State Fire Marshal Bruce D. Bouch. “They have to land somewhere, and sometimes they’re still partly on fire when they hit the ground. They’ve been known to ignite dry vegetation.”

Bouch said the fire marshal’s office frequently gets calls from people interested in using sky lanterns in weddings or other celebrations who want to know if they are legal in Maryland. Bouch said the devices fall under the existing ban against aerial fireworks, and the office decided to add the specific term “sky lantern” since they have become popular.

The balloons have been used in Asia for years, and in fact, according to a recent article in a Taiwan newspaper, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to an annual sky lantern festival there last week. Traditionally, people write new year’s wishes and send them up in the lanterns, according to the article, and because this year’s festival coincided with Valentine’s Day, some of the balloons were shaped like hearts.

“They’re very mesmerizing,” Bouch said of pictures he’s seen of hundreds of illuminated balloons floating across the night sky. “But given air currents, they can reach a high altitude and travel extremely long distances. As with anything uncontrolled in flight, the potential for tragedy is involved.”

The lanterns have proved hazardous in some cases — there have been reports of the balloons landing on a house or a field and igniting fires. While no such fires have been reported in Maryland, Bouch said, the marshal’s office wanted to be proactive and prevent the use of what could be a hazardous device.

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Caterer Spotlight: Sascha’s

Sascha Wolhandler describes her cuisine as “creative American,” incorporating elements of Asian, French and Moroccan cooking into her dishes that wow diners at Sascha’s 527 in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, as well as Centerstage patrons at Sascha’s Express.

For more than 15 years, Baltimore film and TV productions have turned to Sascha to cater for their stars. Her skill as a set food stylist means her dishes find their way INTO the films as well.

Sascha’s talents for crafting delicious (and beautiful!) food make her a fabulous choice for weddings and one of the Baltimore Museum of Industry’s Preferred Caterers. It’s not just her cuisine that makes Sascha’s Catering a fixture at museum weddings – Sascha and her team listen, making the desires of the bride and groom their utmost priority, while valuing the input of family and friends involved in the planning process. Says Sascha, “We want you to share with us from the start what you want the day to look, taste and feel like.”

Visit for more on Sascha’s offerings, or get in touch by phone at 410-539-6103.

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Bodine’s Industry: The Dignity of Work


The BMI presents an exhibit of photographs taken by Baltimore Sun pictorialist A. Aubrey Bodine. The exhibit, Bodine’s Industry: The Dignity of Work runs from October 15, 2013 to February 6, 2014.

The exhibit’s collection of 70 prints will highlight a bygone period of Maryland Industry. From oystermen to fire eating clowns, the exhibit will feature classic and lesser-known Bodine photographs that capture the essence of 20th century work.

The exhibit is free with general admission, and will be open during private events!

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The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a perfect location to bring your event theme to life! Whether it’s Baltimore neighborhoods, an island paradise or carnival fun, options are endless! Check out the carnival theme below. Pictures provided by Paired Images, Jessica Latos and Jessica Notargiacomo, website:, blog post:, and email:




Click pictures to enlarge.

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Details make a difference!

Zeffert and Gold Catering and Event Planning recently catered an event at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Check out the attention to detail! For more information contact Matt Gold, 410-944-4481 ext. 307 or visit

IMG_1504 (2)




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The question of the hour…how to obtain a Marriage License in Baltimore City?

How to obtain a Marriage License in Baltimore City
• Go to the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse 100 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
• Go to the 6th floor – Room 628
• Cost for license: $85.00 CASH ONLY
• Only one person needs to be present.
• Make sure you have your driver’s license.
• Information needed from both parties to obtain license:
o Name
o Dates of birth
o City and State of birth
o Parents Name (Don’t forget mother’s maiden name)
o Current residence
It takes 4-6 months after the signed license has been mailed to be processed by the Maryland Department of Vital records. After the processing period, the license will be at the Department of Vital records to obtain copies. Until then, you will need to go to the courthouse in Baltimore City to obtain copies.
After the wedding- To obtain official copies of your marriage license
• In Person:
o Go to the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse
o Cost is $5.50 per copy CASH ONLY
o Information Needed:
 Both Spouses name (including the wife’s maiden name)
 Date of Marriage
• By Mail:
o Mail a letter to the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse care of Marriage License Department
o Money Order of $5.50 per copy
o Information needed:
 Both spouses names (including the wife maiden name)
 Date of Marriage
 Number of copies requested
o Will take 4-6 weeks to mail back

Please note, any and all information can change!

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