Caterer Spotlight: Sascha’s

Sascha Wolhandler describes her cuisine as “creative American,” incorporating elements of Asian, French and Moroccan cooking into her dishes that wow diners at Sascha’s 527 in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, as well as Centerstage patrons at Sascha’s Express.

For more than 15 years, Baltimore film and TV productions have turned to Sascha to cater for their stars. Her skill as a set food stylist means her dishes find their way INTO the films as well.

Sascha’s talents for crafting delicious (and beautiful!) food make her a fabulous choice for weddings and one of the Baltimore Museum of Industry’s Preferred Caterers. It’s not just her cuisine that makes Sascha’s Catering a fixture at museum weddings – Sascha and her team listen, making the desires of the bride and groom their utmost priority, while valuing the input of family and friends involved in the planning process. Says Sascha, “We want you to share with us from the start what you want the day to look, taste and feel like.”

Visit for more on Sascha’s offerings, or get in touch by phone at 410-539-6103.


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